Sunday, 10 March 2013

Australia Unit - Learning about Australian Animals

While studying our unit on Australia, we had been learning about Australian Geography (free printable Australia map) and started looking at different native Australian animals. We selected an animal or bird, that is a state or territory emblem, to be the focus of our learning.

Written Report
I made up the following worksheet Australian Animal Facts (click on the link to download) so we could record the information we had researched about the different animals for our own reference. This information is can be used further to write a report on animals. 
My son used a printable Australian Animal colouring picture of a koala to add to his information.

Animal three-part cards
We have used these cards from Every Star is Different, together with our Australian animal figurines from Mini Zoo for a more hands-on learning approach.

Animal Craft
We extended our learning of Australian Animals by doing a craft. My son selected an animal of interest to him and we found a craft to do (pictured below). You can read about our 9 Australian Animal Crafts by following the link.

Visit Local Zoo
We visited a local zoo so we could have more hands-on learning about Australian animals. We were able to pat and feed kangaroos, touch koalas and see a range of Australian native birds. 

Further learning about Australian Birds as well as our FREE printable Australian Birds cards can be found by following the link.

If you would like to see more ideas on learning about Australia, you can find them on my Australia Unit pinterest board.


  1. Thanks to the author learned a lot of interesting things about the wild animals in Australia

  2. Thank you i will share this with my class it is amazing