Saturday, 9 March 2013

Australia Unit -Learning the States and Territories

During our unit on Australia, my son (7yrs old), learnt about Australian geography including the states, their capital cities, the flags for each state as well as the flora emblem, the different animal and bird emblem of each state as well as significant landmarks (built and natural) for each state.

I started with a book called 'Flags and Emblems of Australia' by Jill Bruce to learn about the emblems of each state. I went searching and found some printable Australian state flags, printable floral emblems for each state and territory and printable colouring pictures of animal and bird emblems of Australia. I also got some Australian travel brochures from our local travel agency to use the pictures for cutouts. 

I made up two printable facts sheet, one for Australian State Facts (like the one below) and another for Australia Territories Facts so we could record the information we had researched. These facts sheets can be used for writing an information report on a selected Australian state or territory.

Below is an example of how my son recorded his researched information about the Northern Territory using the printables as well as pictures from the travel brochures. 

Some other great printables I found are from Our Worldwide Classroom. Below is an example of the Australian States Printable 3-part cards that are available from Our Worldwide Classroom so hope over and check them out! While you are there you might want to download their printable Australia Day Mini Unit as well as their Australian Flags that are also 3-part cards.  

Following these activities, we made our own Australia map which helped us as we learnt about each state and territories. You can download a copy of our FREE printable Australia map from here.

If you would like to see more learning ideas and resources about Australia, you can find these on my Australia Unit pinterest board.


  1. You're welcome Kylie! Thanks for joining me :)

  2. This is great. I remember on my first day of high school we sat down in our new class and the first activity we did was draw a map of Australia and right down where each state and capital city was. There were so many people in my class that had no idea. I really believe home schooling is a much better option as you learn so much more! I have been looking through your blog at all the wonderful ideas to teach children and even look back and think that there are so many things i missed growing up that I never learned about. One thing about homeschooling that I am looking forward to is learning with my kids.

  3. Thank you so much Suzie! Everything I was looking for was right here - smashing!

  4. great ideas, thanks.

    Just for your reference the links for the printable state emblems no longer seem to go anywhere. I'm still hunting to see if the resources exist at a new address on the site.