Sunday, 17 March 2013

Learning about Place Value

When my son started learning about two digit numbers, we started looking at understanding place value. These are some of the hands-on ways we have used to learn and understand about two and three digit numbers.

Prior Learning
Before learning about two digit numbers, a good understanding of single digit numbers is needed. Understanding the concept of ordering numbers from biggest to smallest, knowing which numbers come before and after and knowing the names of single digit numbers are a good foundation to learning place value.

Number Poster
Using our number poster to 100, I made up this card to fit over our hundreds number chart. This was a great help for my son to visually see how the numbers are relate to one another as well as looking at numbers before and after, number less and more than. This also helped him to use the language of place value.  

Today's Number Is....chart I put together a Today's Number Is... chart so we could focus on a different number each day. I laminated the today chart so we could write on the chart and rub it off when we were finished with it. This chart has helped my son became familiar with writing and reading numbers as well as place value, number ordering, identifying numbers and having a deeper understanding how numbers work. You can download a copy of my Today's Number Is... chart from here.

Place Value Slider
I also made this place value slider. It is fantastic for visual and tactical learners and others who are just starting to learn about place value. Here they can move the number cards up and down to see how the number values change according to their placement. They can also see the hundreds, tens and ones placements which is useful when looking at three digit numbers too. You read about about how I made our FREE Printable Place Value Slider and download your free copy.

Place Value and Base Ten Blocks
I also made this simple FREE Printable Place Value Chart  that we have been using to work with two and three digit numbers together with our Base Ten Blocks. I laminated the chart so we could also write on it. We used Base Ten Blocks to represent the chosen number and work on place value. This can be used for single digits and well as two and three digit numbers.

Ordering Numbers
Once a understanding of two digit numbers and their place value had been gained, we used number cards to work on ordering numbers from biggest to smallest and looking at what numbers come in between.

Place Value Game
I also found this great roll the dice game that works on understanding place value and numbers that are greater than and less than. We printed our copy of the game and laminated it so we could write over the top of it as we played. This is such a great way to play with place value and learn about numbers. You can find the game Roll The Dice by clicking here


More hands-on place value and number activity ideas and resources can be found on my Maths- Place Value pinterest board.

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  1. Where can I find that type of 100 chart with the word form of the numbers on it?