Friday, 5 April 2013

9 Australian Animal Crafts

During our unit on Australia, we had learnt about Australian states and territories with our printable Australia Map, the climate of Australia and the different animals the live in Australia. So here is a collection of Australian Animal crafts that we have done while learning about Australian Animals.

We started with a platypus craft as the platypus is the emblem of the state of New South Wales. I found the following Platypus Craft from DLTK Crafts for Kids. This printable craft was easy for my both my son (7yrs) and my daughter (3yrs) to colour-in but they needed help with cutting and sticking the together the platypus's body parts. I loved that this craft recycled cardboard tubes!  

The next animal craft we did was a koala as it is the state emblem for Queensland. I found this collage idea from House of Baby Piranha. We slightly changed the craft to suit us but the idea is similar. I drew the outlined of the Koala using a template from DLTK Crafts for Kids and my children using craft paper and glue to collage their koala. We added some black paper for the nose and some eyes. This craft was well suit for all three of my children and they loved it!

We then learnt about the Black Swan which is the bird emblem for the state of Western Australia. I found one  swan craft from Layers of Learning where they had used a paper plate to make a swam. So my son took his paper plate, folded it in half and painted it black. He made the tail from tracing his hand on black paper and  cutting it out. I helped him with using more black paper for it's neck and head.

I found the second swan craft from Creativity Takes Flight. They too had used a paper plate to make a swan. This craft suited my daughter (3yrs) as it was not as complicated as the other swan. I cut out the shape of the swan then my daughter painted it black. We then used some paper to make its eye. I think both crafts turned out beautifully.  

The next animal craft we did was kangaroos as it is the animal emblem for the Northern Territory. We found two different crafts for kangaroos that both used paper cups and paint. The first kangaroo craft I found was from Lotta Magazine who shared their printable Australia day craft. My children used the printable template to paint their kangaroo then we cut it out and glued it onto the cup. My children were most happy with their accomplishments.

The second kangaroo craft came from Mama Jenn who shared her printable Kangaroo Pencil holder craft. My children enjoyed painting this craft however it was a little tricky for them to cut out and stick together. I liked how the paper cup represented the pouch of the kangaroo.

The next Australian animal we learnt about was the wombat which is the animal emblem for the state of South Australia. I found this gorgeous printable wombat face mask from Wild Life Fun 4 Kids. My children were able to cut it out and glue it down onto some cardboard for extra strength. I finished the mask by cutting it out and tying on some elastic. My children then put on their masks and I watched in delight as they pretended to wombats digging their borrows. I love pretend play!

We had learnt a lot about Australian Marsupials so we found this crocodile craft that lead us to talk about reptiles. I had found a similar idea from Craft Ideas for Kids where they had made a crocodile from bubble wrap. We used an old egg carton and covered it with bubble wrap then painted it. We then cut out feet for the crocodiles from an old cardboard box and added pompoms for their eyes once they had dried. 

The final craft we did was rather spontaneous. My son had woken up one morning and asked if a snake was a reptile. We goggled information about Australia's most dangerous snakes and found that Red-Bellied Black Snakes were on the list. I had seen a snake craft from Cheap Crafty Mama the week before and decided to adapt it to fit out learning topic. So we gathered old cardboard rolls from around the house and painted them, with a red belly of course! Once the paint was dry I put the snake together using pipe-cleaners, two googly eyes each and a red paper tongue. I think they look brilliant!

For more activity and learning ideas that focus on Australia, come over and visit my pinterest board.

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  5. This is so perfect! I love it! Better yet, my daughter will love it! She wants to learn about Australia, but her main interest is in Australian animals, (and all other animals too!) Thank you for sharing these great ideas!

    1. You're welcome Missy! I have some Australian Animal cards that I am about to share on my blog in a few weeks so do check back again :)

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