Sunday, 14 April 2013

6 ways to Explore Rain, Hail and Snow

We have been having the perfect weather for learning about weather! There has been lots of clouds around which has helped our Learning about Clouds and we have also learnt about The Water Cycle. We have had a few days of rain so we took the opportunity to learn about it. So here are some of the things we have done while learning about rain and other things (hail and snow) that fall from the sky. 

We started our investigation about rain by setting up our rain collection station. We spent a few days recording how much rainfall we had while learning about units of measurement and why it is important to measure rain. We used our collected data about rainfall to compare and analyse which day we got the most rain and which day had the least then we graphed this information. You can make your own rain gauge by following the instructions from here

After learning about The Water Cycle we understood that rain forms when water vapour (gas) cools and turns into droplets (liquid). We also understood the reasons behind why it rains but we wanted to know what rain looked like. So while it was raining, we took a black sheet of paper and held it underneath the rain for a few seconds and this was the result.

The next thing we looked at was hail. We talked about how hail is a solid and is formed by frozen raindrops high in the clouds. We made our own hail by using an old egg container (to get the shape of hail) filling it with water and freezing it over night. By doing this we were also observing how liquid changes into a solid.

Once our hail stones were ready, we got them out of the freezer and played with them. We talked about how they felt (cold, wet, freezing), their shape and what type of damage they cause when they fall from the sky. 

We then looked at snow. Because we live in a warm environment where it doesn't snow at our home, we had to make our own snow. We used ice cubes from our freezer and put them in the blender (warning, this is LOUD!). We then played with our 'snow' and talked about what it felt like, how snow is a solid and how it forms when water vapour turns into crystals. We also tried to imagine what it would feel like to play in real snow!

We also watched a YouTube clip called How does it snow? to learn more about snow. We then made our own paper snow flakes by following the instructions from Cut Out and Keep and talked about how every snowflake is different.

We recorded the information we had learnt about rain, hail and snow as well as other information we had discovered along the way (such as steam being a gas) on our worksheet.

Here is the link to download my State of Matter Worksheet (shown above) that we used to record our information.

If you would like to see more activity ideas on weather, have a look at my pinterest board.

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