Sunday, 12 May 2013

All about the Seasons

During our unit on Weather, we had been Learning about Clouds, we have looked at 5 ways to Explore Air and Wind as well as Exploring the Water Cycle and 6 ways to Explore Rain, Hail and Snow. This has lead us to learning all about the seasons

How Seasons Work
To understand how and why seasons occur, we used our ipad application called Solar Walk. This app gave us information as well as a fantastic visual lesson on how the earth orbits the sun while tilted on it's axis giving the northern and southern hemisphere more or less sunlight resulting in the seasons. We also looked at this You Tube clip Why do we have Seasons? which is a simple introduction to learning about seasons. We also viewed at another You Tube clip What Causes Earth's Seasons? which gives more information as well as another fantastic visual for learning about why seasons occur.

Now that we knew why we had seasons, we wanted to know what changes occurs with each seasons. We did this by reading these story books, A Year on Our Farm written by Penny Matthews, all about the changes each season brings on a farm, and Ferdie and the Falling Leaves written by Julian Rawlinson, all about autumn time.

Following my son's lead, we used this The Four Seasons printable to look at how some trees change during the different seasons and talk about why we thought these changes occurred.

Visual Arts
My son was rather taken by the changing of the trees and wanted to do some painting of the different season trees. He started with a drawing before moving onto sketching and painting each tree. I have since found a printable My Seasons Book that has the outline of the tree already drawn so your child can just add to it. 


Months and Seasons
We talked about the months of the year and which season occurs in each month. I put together the activity sheet (below) for my son to do as we talked. You can download a copy of our activity sheet from here. I also made a printable Match the picture to the Season activity sheet to help identify different symbols that represent each season. You can download a copy of our activity sheet from here.

Clothing and Seasons
We talked about how each seasons brings about different temperature and this is what helps tell us what we should wear. We used these  Seasons and Clothing Matching cards from Montessori for Everyone to sort and match the different items of clothing according to the season.

Playing Season Dress-ups
We used this What Season is it? chart to play a game and learn more about clothing and seasons. Our game went like this; I selected a pile of clothing that represented each season. We then used the What season is it chart? to select the season. We then had to search through the pile of clothing to select what items would be worn for that season. 

Our learning didn't stop there as there have been many times where we have talked about weather and once autumn (fall) arrived, we spent many hours playing in the leaves at our local park.


  1. What a great sortment of activities and ideas you have here lovely Suzie!!! Wonderful inspiration, Thanku!
    Smiles, a fellow Aussie (Tassie actually) homeschooling Mum Sharnee :)

  2. Thanks, great selection of simple but engaging and effective activities! Thanks for this site which I am discovering with pleasure...! :)