Saturday, 18 May 2013

Learning in the Kitchen - Vegetarian Zucchini Slice

This week we made Vegetarian Zucchini Slice. The focus of this weeks learning has been on nutrition and health. Encouraging healthy eating and establishing healthy eating habits is something we try to achieve with our children but sometimes fall short of this goal, especially with fussy eaters. 

I came across the idea of Eat Yourself a Rainbow Everyday to encourage my children to make healthy eating choices. We got pictures (from old shopping brochures is most ideal) of different fruits and vegetables. We then sorted the food pictures into colour groups and stuck them on matching coloured paper (below picture). We laminated them for durability and hung our food circles on our fridge door. We talked about how fruits and vegetables help our body and brains grow and how we need to eat 5 or more  (2 fruits and 3vegetables) daily so our body can have all the vitamins it needs. Every time we are cooking or about to choose something to eat, we refer back to our rainbow food chart to help us make healthy food choices.

Our recipe of zucchini slice is one of our recipes that includes 'many colours of the rainbow'. I have heard that one way to help children eat vegetables or try new foods is for them to help with the cooking. Sometimes they don't want to eat what we cook together however I have found that they do eventually come around and start eating what they cook.

With having a fussy eater (or two) I have found that by making the vegetables as small as possible has helped with getting my fussy eaters try something new or just to eat! This recipe allows for the vegetables to be grated making them invisible!


Our ingredients of healthy vegetables are hardly seen when we put our mixture on the tray to bake. 

You can never have enough vegetables  so we serve our zucchine slice with some carrots, broccoli and mashed pumpkin and mashed potato. Each time we make this slice, we choose a different shape to cut our slice into...this week it was a heart! 

Here is the recipe for our very colourful Vegetarian Zucchini Slice. Happy, healthy eating! 

More healthy eating ideas can be found on my Kids in the Kitchen pinterest board.

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