Tuesday, 25 June 2013

DIY Rocket Ship

Our son has always loved anything and everything about space. So we took his area of interested and built him (and his sisters) a cardboard rocket ship. Here is how we did it.

We started with two BIG, TALL cardboard boxes. We split the two boxes in half so we could joined them together in order to make the base and bottom half of the rocket ship.  
We put the boxes together by overlapping them before making two sets of holes in the side of the box, one at the top and another at the bottom. We then threaded rope through to holes and tied them. This held the boxes together (see photo below). We also added some glow-in-the-dark stars and planets onto the inside of our box.
Once the boxes were joined together, we used another BIG piece of cardboard to cut out a circle for inside/base of the rocket. This base helped keep the rocket round and stopped it from moving when the children got inside the rocket.

We used another big sheet of cardboard for the top part of the rocket ship. We bent the cardboard to measure and match the same circumference (round shape) as the bottom of the rocket. We outline the top of the rocket by drawing triangle shapes (such as in the picture below) then cut them out. This part of building our rocket ship was difficult. We used masking tape to hold the top of the rocket together so it would have a pointed shape.

Once we got the top of the rocket to hold together, "we tried it on for size" by putting the top piece onto the bottom piece. We had cut a door flap into the bottom of our rocket ship so our children could get in and out of it. 
Once we were happy with it, we added more masking tape along the cut lines to keep the top together. We then started painting.

Once the paint was dry, we put the rocket ship together, top part onto the bottom part. We used two pieces of cardboard (held on with masking tape), in the shape of a triangle, as wings for our rocket ship.
Our home-made rocket ship lasted for almost a year before it started to fall apart. Our children had many hours of space flying, moon landings and star spotting while memories were made and learning was accomplished through play. 


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  1. This is fabulous Suzie, hours of play time out of the good old cardboard box!!