Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Life Cycle of a Frog

My son had heard the word "metamorphosis" on a program he had been watching and wanted to know the meaning of metamorphosis. This led us to discover the life cycle of frogs so here are some of the learning activities we have done to explore the process of metamorphosis.

As we do with all of our learning, we started with books. We read The Magic School Bus Hops Home book to learn about habitats and what is a good habitat for a frog. We then watched The Magic Schoolbus Hops Home on YouTube. We also read the  beautiful book The Wide-mouthed Frog by Keith Faulkner. This is a pop-up book and my children absolutely love it.

We read Tale of a Tadpole by Karen Wallace and Fantastic Frogs! by Fay Robinson. Both these books have real pictures of frogs, illustrations and simple reading text for a beginning reader. We also used a printable book that you can download from here

Nomenclature Life Cycle Cards
We used these Life Cycle of the Frog nomenclature cards to talk about the four basic changes that take place during the life cycle of a frog. We watched the Life Cycle of Frogs on YouTube to help with our learning about frogs.

Life Cycle Poster
After reading about habitats, we talked about making our own from paper. We made some reeds, lily pads and some rocks and glued it on some blue (water) paper. We then drew some frog eggs and the different stages of the tadpoles growth. We found a picture of a froglet and an adult frog and traced them from books. We stuck our pictures on the habitat then made some labels using the computer. 

My son put together his Free Frogs Lapbook. It has only been recently that I have discovered my son's love of lapbooks. He really enjoys putting them together and drawing illustrations as a way of recording his understanding. 

I made this venn diagram as a way of looking at the differences between frogs and toads. We researched the answers from a few different information books. You can download a copy of our printable from here

Preschool Activities
My daughters like to be included in the learning we do so while my son was doing his lapbook, my girls enjoyed doing the following frog cutting and pasting activities as well as a Frog Life Cycle Worksheet. She practiced her fine motor skills as she cut out and glued the pictures onto the life cycle sheet. 

My girls painted these very cute paper plate tadpoles that I cut out from paper plates. My girls also made some cute Frog Puppets from paper plates. They were able to paint the paper plate but I had to help them cut out the frogs legs, arms and legs. They have had lots of fun chasing each other around the house croaking like frogs!  

We used these Five Green Frogs to sing the song about frogs and practice some counting. We printed them out, laminated them and stuck some velcro on the back of them so we could use them with our felt board.  

You can find more activity ideas on different life cycles on my Life Cycle - Science pinterest board.

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