Thursday, 1 August 2013

5+ activities for learning about Layers of the Earth

My son wanted to learn about rocks so I thought we could start our learning about rocks by looking at the layers of the earth. Here are the different activities we did to learn about the four basic layers of the earth.

We started our learning by reading The Magic School Bus Inside The Earth. We love how the magic school bus makes learning about science fun and is full of information and visual explanations about what you are learning.

I downloaded these Layers of the Earth Nomenclature Cards which are three part cards that show each of the different layers of the earth (inner core, outer core, mantle and crust). By using these cards, it allowed learning and understanding to develop through conversation as well as matching the cards.

I found this great idea of making layers of earth by using play dough. This hands-on learning is perfect for my tactile learner however it took a few attempts to get it working well. We were able to see the different layers of the earth by using different coloured play dough for each layer. We absolutely loved this hands-on learning activity.  

We also made Layer of the Earth Model out of different coloured paper. Once we had cut the different sized circles out, we researched through our books to find the actual thickness (in kilometers) of each layer and recorded it on our model.  
We watched this YouTube clip on Rocks and Minerals for Kids that has helped with our learning of the layers of the earth. 

We also found this other YouTube clip that we were able to relate to and learn from.

After watching the last YouTube clip, we were inspired to make our own "egg layers" of the earth. I am sure every time we eat boiled eggs we will be reminded for this activity.

We have enjoyed these hands-on learning about the layers of the earth and hope you do too. If you would like to see some more activity ideas on geology, then pop over to my pinterest board.

Happy exploring!

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  1. These are great, thanks Suzie :-) Pinning!

  2. Thank You Suzie. Great Ideas!

  3. My kids made the layers of the Earth with clay, and we were surprised at how colorful it was! These activities are super fun ways to learn about the layers of the Earth.

    1. Using clay is a great idea! These activities were lots of fun!

  4. I hadn't thought to use a hard boiled egg for the layers of the earth. What a great idea to add in.

    Nomenclature cards can really add a lot to your studies.

    Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!

  5. We used a creme egg to represent layers if earth, wrapper-crust, chocolate-mantle, white bit-outer core and yellow middle is the inner core. As you can imagine we have had to redo this lesson a few times!

  6. Earth's model represented by half sliced egg is some thing new and easy for the children to understand earth layer concept.