Thursday, 16 January 2014

Our NEW Learning Space

It has been a little quiet here on my blog for the past two months as we have packed up our family, from the east coast of Australia, and have moved across the country to the Top End. It has been quite an adventure and I am sure there will be more adventures to come while we live here. 

So now that we are all settled in, I thought I would share with you our new learning space. Our Learning Space at our last house was a lot bigger so we've had to make a few changes.
Our new learning space shares the same room as our dining table. Initially I was not too keen on doing this but once we got everything arranged, I LOVE having a large table in our learning space that we can all work on together. 

I have found that the wall right next to our dining table (with our world map on it) has been perfect for encouraging an interest in geography (blogpost to follow) and makes for some interesting conversations over meal time.
We keep our learning materials organised by using two 16-cube shelves (back-to-back). We use boxes (not yet labelled), that fit into our cube shelves, to sort and store our learning resources. Our resources are sorted into  English (purple) boxes, Maths (red) boxes and Science (blue/clear) boxes and of course we have our growing pile of board games. This makes our resources easily accessible by my children so they can use and put-away their own learning materials. 
On this side of our cubed shelves, we have mostly preschool learning resources and toys for my young girls to play with. I have started labelling these boxes with pictures so my children can see which items go where and can be more independent with putting their toys away...well that's the idea anyway. 

Although we have a large dinning table, our children didn't want to give up their own desks. So we have a small desk with two chairs for our girls to use and another table for our son. A lot of our learning occurs on the floor so it is nice to have that space available too. 
On the top of our shelf, I have recycled plastic containers to organise our reader books and group them into "levels". I have found that by doing this, my son knows which books he can read independently and gives him a choice of what book he wants to read. 
Two large bookcases and an art/craft cupboard have been extremely useful in our learning space. However, because our room is smaller at this house, we've had to place two smaller bookshelves into our children's bedrooms (picture further down).
We created a comfortable, little area to encourage independent reading in a small corner of our learning space. Already this corner has been used, fought over and books have been spread everywhere so I think some reading is being done!

I am also continuing to use our homeschool preschool boxes to encourage independent learning. These boxes are labelled colours, shapes, nursery rhymes, fine motor, numbers and alphabet and are filled with learning resources for each topic. 
With the other toys and reading books that won't fit in our learning space, we put these items in our children's room. My daughters share a bedroom so they have their toys and another little reading corner with all their favourite books in their room. We have never had toys in our children's room as we've always had a playroom. However, this is actually working well for us as the girls take turns, or sometimes go together, to have some quiet play time in their room.

Our son also has a growing pile of Lego (best learning resource EVER) and another bookshelf in his room so he too can have some quiet space (sorry no photo) that is his own.

So this is our new space that we will be learning in and around in this next year.

Disclaimer: Our learning space is NEVER this clean!


  1. FANTASTIC!!! I bet your children love these spaces. Well done you!

  2. My 5yo son said 'that looks like a nice place' and was really curious about another homeschooling family. It looks so organised!

  3. oh that is awesome Suzie, ive been hanging for this post in your blog.. you guys have really utilized the new home to its full capacity (sp?) comparing the photos of the empty house.. that is amazing that you have fit it all in, and its looking fantastic. Love the tiled floors, i would imagine these help keep the house cooler, esp during the HOT times of the day/year. Love the girls rooms, looking very girly.. and i would imagine M room would be very boyish.. Well we miss you guys.. look forward to seeing more pics on your blog of your adventurers and learning curve.. xx