Thursday, 6 February 2014

Printable - Addition Doubles Game

My son is using the Targeting Maths curriculum again this year and he is really enjoying the Targeting Maths Apps that are helping him develop his maths skills further. To extend my son maths learning beyond books and apps, I put together a board game that helped him practice addition doubles, without having to use worksheets.  

My goal for this game was to help my son practice adding doubles and to be able to recall these addition doubles facts quickly. By using the adding doubles strategy, it can help the learner to process addition problems more quickly using a mental maths approach.

Before playing this game, the player will need to have an understanding of addition by being able to add two numbers together. Here, you can download our Addition Doubles Game

I also made some cards to go with this game and printed off two copies of the cards. Be sure to download our Doubles Maths Cards too. All the instructions on how to play are written on the gaming board for you. Also have a listen to this Addition Doubling song to extend the learning. It is also available as an ipad app.


Hope you enjoy playing and learning about addition doubles with this game as much as we have. If you would like to see some more activity ideas for learning addition and subtraction, visit my pinterest board.


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    1. It is good and its free! Print it out and play it....let me know how you go and what you think!

  2. These are great! Thanks!

  3. perfect for what I was looking for for my struggling 3rd graders. I will use this as a review for them before I begin teaching multiplication.

  4. Thanks for sharing, these are exactly what I was looking for.