Saturday, 15 March 2014

15+ play-based Colour Activities

I've been going through the photos that I have taken of my daughter's learning activities over the past three years. So I thought I would share some of them here. 
I found this idea for making a  colour wheel with wooden pegs and paper plate for young children to play with. We painted this paper plate and pegs to use for a matching activity. It also works as a fine motor one as well.Surprising, this activity has lasted for the last two years!
I love the idea of a drop box so I used an old box to cut out square piece and another box to use for sorting with. We painted it together and my girls have enjoyed playing with it over the years.
You can never have too many books and these books are perfect for reading about colours. The DK Bright, shiny, rainbow Colours even has little pieces that you can take our of the book and play with.
This is one of the many colour puzzles that we have as puzzles are such a great way to play and learn skills such as problem solving and fine motor. This puzzle is one of the favorites where my girls match the word to the picture.
My girls LOVE rainbows so cut up little pieces of paper so they can stick/glue down onto a outlined rainbow. This activity has been repeated a number of times over the past few years.
For this activity, all the pieces of paper are cut up and placed in plastic zip-lock bags so my daughter's can easily do the activity independently. You can download the template from here.
This matching activity is one of my girls favourites. They love matching the different coloured items to the name tag. You can download it from here.
I found this printable mouse paint pack that my girls use to match and sort. This is another activity they can do independently and together.
I found these colour sorting/matching cards from here You can download these cards from here.
My daughter's play with our set of stacker pegs as they sort the colours (great for shapes too) or just use them in their imaginary play as little people or puppy dogs. 
These cotton reels are used for almost EVERYTHING. They are great for making patterns while working on fine motor skills or just simply making a green snake.
We love lego so we use it to sort colours by making colour towers, build things from one selected colour or just sort the lego into colour groups.
Some coloured blocks and some coloured containers are great for sorting and matching while keeping learning play-based and hands-on. 
With the favourite colour being pink, we made a sensory for (coloured rice) and added pin coloured toys for my daughter's to use in their imaginary play.
Here is a really cool idea I found about making your own colour book from a paper bag and different coloured items from around the house and from in brochures. You can download a template and get further instructions on how to make one from here.
Keeping learning materials simple and cheap, we collected bottle caps and have used them many times for sorting colours and making patterns. You can read more about our bottle top maths activities.
Painting is a great way to play with colours. Mixing paints and experimenting with colours makes learning fun.
For other ideas on early learning colour activity ideas, visit my pinterest boards.

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  1. We always love the coloured rainbow activities. Our favourite is probably the one on contact with tissue paper or cellophane and then hanging it in the window.

    Great round up of ideas Suzie :-)

    1. We haven't tried doing colours on a contact with tissue paper...thanks for the idea!!