Friday, 16 May 2014

Part 2 - A hands-on Study about Butterflies

For the past few weeks, my children's learning has focused on the natural world around them. The discovery of a birds nest in our garden started their learning about birds (check out my FREE printable Australian bird cards) and their interest in butterflies has continued. After posting about our part one of learning about butterflies, my children have been busy learning the names and types of butterflies. I will share with you how I have continued to supported their learning in this area. 

My children have spent many hours chasing butterflies around trying to catch them and observe them. While they were observing them, my children would talk about the colours, size and patterns on the butterflies before letting them go. It wasn't long before my son wanted to know the names of the different butterflies that we were catching. 

To help us identify these butterflies, I purchased the Steve Parish Australia guide book for Butterflies and Moths so my son was able to find answers to his questions. I also found some transparent Australian Natural Artificial 3D Butterflies to help with our hands-on learning. We turned our ipad into a light table (we are patiently waiting for our light table to be completed) to used with these butterflies.

My children enjoyed looking through the butterfly guide to not only identify the names but also learn about their life history, behaviour, habitat and other facts about the butterflies they had seen. One type of butterfly, the common grass-yellow butterfly, is frequently seen in our area so my children were about to catch this type of butterfly a number of times to observe and identify it by name. 

Once my children were able to identify the common grass-yellow butterfly, they wanted to know more! So I made some butterfly three-part cards for my children to learn the different names of butterflies that were of interested them. Together with our artificial butterflies, the cards helped us identify these butterflies further. 

Another way my children used these cards with the butterflies, was to match the three parts of the cards together and then match the butterflies to the cards, just like the picture below.

During his research, my son learnt about the Wandered Butterfly, also known as the Monarch Butterfly, and found that it can be found in different parts of the world. My son wanted to know more about butterflies from around the world so I purchased the Butterflies Fandex Family Field Guides (affiliate link) to used together with our Australian Guide of Butterflies and Moths.

Sometimes my children find butterflies, or parts of them, that are dead but are just so fascinating to look at. Our growing collection of butterfly specimens have helped with their learning and understanding about butterflies.

I have put my butterfly cards into a file to share with everyone. If you would like a FREE copy of my butterfly cards, you can download them from here.

If you would like to see some more butterfly learning ideas and resources, do check out my pinterest board Zoology - All About Animals and Life Cycles - Science.

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  1. These are so gorgeous! thank you for sharing at Kids Learning Printables Linky Party!

  2. This is full of fabulous ideas, which I will use during our bug study. Thanks so much for sharing!