Monday, 23 June 2014

Exploring Colour and Light

We have recently made a light box for our children to use for their play and learning. This has opened my eyes to the benefits of using colour and light to engage the visual learner and how it can help them retain learnt concepts and information.

So I saw this simple but engaging idea (on the Sensory Learning for Life Facebook page) of using clear containers to explore colour and light and thought I would give it a go.

What you will need
There are a few simple things we used to make this activity work for all three of my children. We used water, food colouring and eight clear, see-through containers.

For Older Learners
My son (8yrs) filled the containers with water and selected the primary colours (red, yellow and blue) to add colour to the first three containers. We then talked about secondary colours (orange, purple and green) and mixed them using the primary food colours. We still had two more containers left so we talked about tertiary colours (primary and secondary colours mixed) and mixed colours to make our final coloured containers.

For Younger Learners
My daughter's (4yrs and 3yrs) enjoyed watching their brother mix the colours. Together with their brother, they began their exploring of colours, light, reflection and shadows using the containers.

My children enjoyed holding up the containers and looking at the world through a different colour. Their imagination was engaged as they made suggestions of what they sky looked like and what if it looked like this all the time!

My daughter's love telling stories and engaging in imaginative play with almost anything they can move and touch. So it was no surprise that they put the containers on their table and started a little story using the coloured containers. 

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  1. Please, can you share where you found these canisters?

    1. I'm not sure if it would be much help but I brought them from an Australian grocery store called Woolworths. They are simply just plastic, view-thru containers.