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Letter E - Printable Cards and Activity Ideas

My daughter, who is four years old, wanted to learn how to read so at her request, I have been helping her learn the letters and sounds of the alphabet by putting together hands-on learning activities for Letter A, Letter B, Letter C and Letter D. So now I would like to share with you the learning my daughter has done about the Letter E as well as share the printable Letter E cards that we used. You may also want to check out my free printable Letter D and Letter C cards as well. 

I first started with a basket of different items and toys that started with the Letter E sound. In doing this, I engaged my daughters interest and curiosity.

In the basket (above) I also put a range of magnets and puzzle pieces that we looked at. We traced them with our fingers and sorted them into big 'E' and little 'e' groups.

We then listened to what the Letter E sounds like. The Jolly Phonics program is, in my opinion, one of the best programs to use when learning sounds as it takes a multi-sensory approach in that it uses both an action and a sound together.

Following this, I brought out the control Letter E cards. We talked about each picture on the card, found the Letter 'e' on each card before matching the objects (from the basket) to each card. By using the cards this way, my daughter (4yrs) was articulating each word and sounds in the word while building her already extensive vocabulary. 

Once we knew what each picture was and had match the object to the picture, we used our Letter 'e' magnets and puzzle pieces to find each letter on the cards. 

I selected three sets of cards (below) and placed down each control card (card with the picture and word) one at a time as my daughter said each word. She then matched the objects to each card (the emu and echidna figurines can be found on the Mini Zoo website). Next, she used the picture card to match to the control card and finally matched the word cards. She loves the independence that this activity gives her as well as the success and confidence she builds as a learner. 

Following this, we used the selected control cards to build words using our magnetic letters. I selected the letters first and put them randomly in front of my daughter so she could choose the letter and building the word.

Other learning activities we did for Letter E included this egg sort and stick activity. I had capital and lower case letter "e" printed on paper and placed them inside the plastic eggs. Both my girls had fun sorting the letters and sticking them down onto their paper. You can download a copy of my Letter E Egg Activity.

Books are always apart of our learning. We used the following books to find and read about the letter "e"; Energetic Elliot (Little Mates), "e" (Reading Eggs Level One Pack) and My "e" Book from My First Steps to Reading by Jane Belk Moncure. We also read the following picture books that also look at the letter "e"; Edwina the Emu by Sheena Knowles, The Eagle and the Wren by Jane Goodall and The Saggy Baggy Elephant by K & B Jackson (aff links)


My daughter loves anything creative so stamping random letter "e" onto her paper not only helped with her letter recognition but also with her fine motor skills. We are using the iQToys – Alphabet Stamp Set (aff links)

We also played a few games of "big e and little e" which is also known as noughts and crosses. My daughter loved playing this game together and it was wonderful watching her write and form the letter "e".

You can download a FREE copy of my Letter E three-part cards.

If you would like to see more alphabet learning ideas, you can visit my pinterest board Early Learning - Alphabet.

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  1. Such gorgeous printables and wonderful ideas for activities! Thank you for sharing at Kids Learning Printables! Hope to see your creations there again!