Wednesday, 2 July 2014

5+ ways to Learn about Bones

My children have been learning about the human body. So far we have learnt about the human anatomy, together with my printable human anatomy cards, and the human eye using my parts of the eye cards. We have also learnt about the bones in our body and I would like to share our learning on bones as well as the free printables we used. 

The Skeleton System
We started our learning about bones by looking at the entire skeleton system. We purchased this 85cm model skeleton to support our sons interest in bones and what a wonderful resource it has been. My son used the word cards from the skeleton three part cards to label each bone. If he didn't know what the bones were, he used a book to look up the information.

I also found this FREE Life-Size skeleton that we used with the  skeleton three part cards as another way of identifying and naming each of the bones on our skeleton.

We also checked out some You Tube clips on bones. This was our favourite You Tube clip as it named each of the bones in our body and showed us how the bones move and why they are important. Previously, we had learnt about our bones and skeleton by making our own little man out of different shaped pasta. 

Hand Bones
We also looked at the bones in our hand. We had some x-rays of the hand that we were able to look at on our light box. My son was very interested in the different shapes and sizes of the bones in our hands.

We used our 4D hand anatomy model to pull apart and look at the bones in the hand. My son used this model to match the bones on our x-rays too. We also used a few different books (shared further down) to read about the bones in our hands and how they grow.

Spine or Backbone
We also looked at the spine or backbone and how it helps us move and bend. I saw this really cool idea of using an old egg carton to make a egg carton spinal cord. We cut up the egg carton and threaded the spinal cord through to join the "bones" together. We were able to see how our spin is made up of different bones, how the spinal cord is protected by these bones and how it bends and works. 

Foot Bones
We learnt about the bones in our feet by using this FREE printable foot bone template. We made each of the twenty-six bones in the foot by using play dough. We had also taking a trip to the Doctor's office which  enabled us to see and view the different bone models that they had there. Our Doctor was very happy to answer my son's questions about bones and even allowed him the chance to touch the bone models.

We talked about our teeth and how they look like bones. We looked at this x-ray we had and talked about how we should keep our teeth healthy. We also discussed why our baby teeth fall out and new ones grow. I also found a great Tooth Labelling activity that we are yet to do but I think it would be great for helping us understand the parts of the tooth and why we need to take care of them. We will investigate teeth further I think.

Lap book - The Skeleton System
I also found this fantastic and FREE lap book on the skeleton system. You can find the FREE printable Anatomy Lap book - The Skeleton System from Cynce's Place for your learner.

We used a range of books for our learning about bones. My son read Your Skin and Bones Vocabulary Reader and we read the Magic School Bus book, The Search for the Missing Bones by Eva Moore, together. We also used two information books, the Human Body Encyclopedia and Become a Human Body Explorer. We love reading the hilarious picture book Dr. Dog by Babette Cole and enjoyed the wonderfully informative Dr Seuss book, Inside Your Outside!

I hope you have found these ideas useful. If you would like to see some more ideas for learning about the human body, you can visit my pinterest board, Human Body Unit.  


  1. My son is fascinated by the human body. Love the activities you did! We'll definitely be borrowing some of them.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I hope your son enjoys these activities as much as my son has.

  2. Thanks for all the links! We'll be starting this study once we go back to school! All the links worked for me this time ;)

    1. You're welcome Jen! I am so glad it is working now too.

  3. These are great ideas for exploring bones!
    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

    1. Thank you for running the weekly blog hop and I will be sure to visit again.

  4. My preschooler has been asking alot about what our bodies look like inside and you have given me a great place to start!

    1. That is fantastic! Thank you for your comment.