Sunday, 6 July 2014

Letter X - Printable Cards and Activity Ideas

My daughter (4yrs) has been learning different letters of the alphabet as she requested to learn how to read earlier this year. So far she has learnt Letter A, Letter B, Letter C, Letter D and Letter E. I thought we would work our way through the alphabet learning each sound however, my daughter had a  different idea for her learning. After learning about the Letter E, she told me that she wanted to learn about the Letter X. 

So I want to share with you the printable Letter X cards I made for her and the other activities she has done to learn about this letter. 

When learning the alphabet, research suggests that the learner should first learn the sounds of a letter before learning the letter name. In this case, my daughter already knows the name and is able to identify the letter X, both in capital and lower case. So I introduced the sound of the Letter X by using the Jolly Phonics songs so we could hear the sound of the letter through a song and associate an action with that sound.

I introduced the cards to my daughter by starting with the control cards (the card with picture and words). I asked her about the picture (what is it?) before asking her if she could find the letter x in the word. She then matched the picture card to the control cards independently.

This was followed by my daughter matching the word cards to each of the pictures. She loves doing this independently as the control card allows for self correction, if necessary.

She has selected to do this activity a number of times of the past few weeks and each time she is getting faster at doing it.

We then looked at matching the objects to the cards and hearing the 'x' sound in the words as we said them.

Next, we looked at building the words with movable letters (note: using a red working mat is not the best choice of colour here). My daughter selected the control cards that she wanted to use and we built the words.

Other learning about the letter x has involved making the letter out of play dough. We used the collage worksheets from the Confessions of a Homeschooler as our letter  play dough mat. 

We also looked for the letter 'x' in our environment and saw it many times in the words like exit and entry at our local grocery store. On our nature walks, my daughter practiced writing the letter x with a stick in the dirt making for a very authentic learning experience.

No learning is ever complete without books! We used these books to hear, find and say the letter x sound. I read my daughter Xylophone Xavier (Little Mates) as well as My "x,y,z" Book from My First Steps to Reading series. However, my daughter was able to read Letter X (ABC Reading Eggs) by using the pictures (aff link)

You can download a copy of my Letter X three part cards by clicking on the link. 

If you would like to see more alphabet learning ideas, have a look at my pinterest board, Early Learning - Alphabet or you maybe interested in my Spelling, Phonics, Sigh word Activity board.

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