Friday, 22 August 2014

Colour Sorting Rainbow Game

My daughter's LOVE to play. It doesn't matter where we are or what we have (sticks, rocks or dolls), they will engage in imaginary play with ease. When it comes to their learning, I try to find resources that allow them to use their hands and move objects about as this is just how they play. 

When Krystal from Sweet Elephants asked if I'd review this Colour Sorting Rainbow Game, I jumped at the chance as I knew my daughters would enjoy using this resource. Krystal has provided me with this colour game for free and in return, I am giving my own honest opinion of what this game has to offer early learners, like my daughters, and what I think of the game. PLUS!! I have a giveaway for you so keep reading!

How it works
This colour sorting and matching activity allows the learner to explore nine different colours and two shades. They can do this by using a range of different objects, such as pom poms and ribbons, to match to their corresponding colour on the colour mat or fabric squares. Each colour and shade is represented on the colour mat making this an self-correcting, easy to follow activity for young learners.

What do you get
The colour sorting rainbow game comes with a range of textured, colourful and engaging products that can be used for identifying and matching colours. These products include: pipe cleaners, wooden word disks, felt stripes, buttons, ribbons, colour swatches, crystals and pom poms for each colour and shade.

What I love
What I love about this game is that it encourages independent learning. The learner can work on this activity by themselves and can match the colours using problem solving skills. If they make an error, they will be able to find the solution for themselves. 

I also love how this activity is multi-sensory with it's bright colours (visual), movable objects (tactile) and different textured objects (touch). One of the best ways for children to learn is by engaging in multi-sensory activities because when they are  seeing, touching and moving object, they are learning at a higher lever.

The Learning
This game is a wonderful way to learn about colours and shades. By matching the objects to the colour mat, the learner is using and refining their problem solving skills. This is also a great way to for them to expand vocabulary in learning colour names.

Not only does this game encourage independent learning, it can also be a way to build and extend a child's vocabulary when using words to describe the different textures of the objects, such as smooth, soft, rough, spiky.

Recommended Age 
This game is perfect for early learners between the ages of four to seven years old. Younger learners, such as my three year old daughter, would need to be supervised so the little buttons and crystals don't get put into their mouth.

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  1. There are so many lovely things at Sweet Elephants it's very hard to choose. I love the wooden ten pin bowling set and the great escape game. My favourite however would be the Counting Bird in Hand game. The bird illustrations are so sweet and my daughters love anything to do with numbers and counting at the moment.

  2. My kids would love to try the kinetic sand. I can just imagine them creating all sorts of amazing things with it. When I give them open ended toys like this, what they come up with themselves constantly surprises me!

  3. Our favourite is the rainbow blocks because they are full of endless play including colour, shapes, sizes and imagination. A very educational toy that adults can join in for years to come. A toy that can also be passed down to the next generation for the same educational purposes and fun! My son would really enjoy these, he loves building. The rainbow blocks are very special, they have lots of great things about them.

  4. Just one? Really? Gah! Well, we love the wishbone bike for the son who loves to hurtle at top speed.... and the rainbow blocks, because we love shapes and colours and creating bright and exciting mini cities and patterns... and the Machi magnetic toys for our round-the-world spy adventure games... But MOST favourite I will answer for my dear girl, who has wanted a Lil Fairy Door for as long as I can remember; the sweet girl who makes homes for every stuffed animal in our house, who writes mythical creature recipe books and who drops glitter everywhere she goes. Yep, she would stare at that door all night, waiting for the magic!

  5. The kiko kuruma wooden cars! My son loves anything with wheels and we all know how rough little boys can be! These would last a lifetime :)

  6. My girls would love the rainbow blocks! I imagine them playing in the sunlight making beautiful patterns. Magical!

  7. I love the stars but with a newborn the rainbow blocks might suit miss 2 better to play with and newborn to watch- a simple multipurpose tool that won't overstimulate bubby and has many uses for miss 2!!!

  8. I love the kinetic sand as well - I saw some in a museum a couple months ago and am sure my boys would love it :-)

  9. I think my two munchkins (regardless of the age difference) would both love and benefit from the "toobs" the mini world monument especially

  10. I adore the rainbow sorting game, such a beautifully simple concept. I would love the eye spy bags. They would keep my boys busy during long car trips.

  11. My construction passionate daughter would love to get her hands on a bag of the Tanabata stars. A challenging new way to build!

  12. I would love to know how you organise everything. Do you have a blog post on that? Thanks :)

    1. As in all your educational toys/ activities :)