Saturday, 31 January 2015

Learning From My Children

I am so blessed to have three wonderful children who call me Mummy and what a honour it is to have that name. There was once a time when I thought I wouldn't be able to be a Mum as infertility and pregnancy loss was very present in my life. But since becoming a mum, there have been so many beautiful things that my children have taught me about life, learning and love.

Learning at home doesn't look like learning at school 
My son is nine years old and he is the reason why we first started homeschooling four years ago. At first our approach to learning was based around workbooks as I had brought one for every subject. But it wasn't long before my son taught me that this was not the way he learns. He showed me what he was interested in and I listened closely to what he was saying and saw his enthusiasm for learning grow. My son taught me that interest-led learning is one of the best ways to learn and how important it is to listen to our children.

Dyslexia is not a disability
We knew very early on that our son had dyslexia as there were early signs. After reading many books and visiting different professionals, we told our very intelligent son that he had dyslexia and explained what that meant. This gave him the power to know why he struggles with reading and spelling and since then, he has proudly told others of his "special powers". He has never hidden his dyslexia as he doesn't fear what others think of him or how they may judge him. And not once has he ever thought he couldn't do something because of his dyslexia.
Every child has a gift
Regardless of what learning difficulties a child may have, there is always something that they are good at. My son has taught me that even though he has dyslexia, he is exceptionally brilliant in areas of maths and science. With maths he grasps new concepts very quickly, unlike literacy where he struggles. But his brilliant mind is also evident in areas of science and engineering. 

Play really is learning
My daughter, my second child, is five years old and she has been learning at home all her life. Although I've always read that children learn through play, my daughter has really shown me how playing and learning happen together. She is very creative with a wonderful imagination and a true gift for telling stories. She spends her days playing from the moment she wakes in the morning till the last second before her eyes close at night. Through play she has learnt to count, she knows her alphabet and sounds and is discovering the first few steps of reading....all through play!

They learn by example
It took me a few years of being a parent to realise that the best way to motivate my children or help them learn something was by example. Trying to encourage my children how to make their bed in the morning when I hadn't made my own bed made me realise that I wasn't setting a good example. Applying this to other parts of our life has been a wonderful learning experience on my behalf as I strive to be the best Mum I can be.

"There are three ways to teach a child. The first is by example, the second is by example and the third is by example" - Albert Schweiter

A messy house doesn't mean I'm a bad parent
My youngest child, the baby of the family, is three years old and she was a few weeks old when we took our son out of school and started home education. We have been through some very messy house days due to baby explorations and toddler adventurers. But my third child has shown me that a tidy house is a waste of time. Time spent cleaning, although sometimes its necessary to clean, is better spent reading together or painting a picture or walking together in nature. My youngest has taught me that stories together are more important than getting all the house work done.

Unconditional Love
Never in my life have I felt such unconditional love for anyone like I do for my children. They have taught me so many things, more than what I can write down here, but the greatest thing that they have brought to my life is love.

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  1. thoroughly enjoyed this post! We really do learn so much from our children!

  2. I so loved this! Thanks for sharing. Hope you're feeling better!

  3. A great read and connected with me for many reasons. Lovely to meet your family :)

  4. Loved this! I particularly love how your son describes dyslexia as his super-power ... that's such a great idea.

  5. Suzie
    Oh what have my children taught me over the years! Love how you've installed a sense of confidence in your son:) and to hear you were blessed with children after difficulties just made my heart sing that it happened!

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